"The best vacation I ever had."*
lesbian cyclists at Chenonceau chateau in France's Loire Valley

Lesbian Adventure Travel

What's the best part of lesbian travel? For many of us, it's the people we meet, both those traveling with us, and those who live in the countries or regions we visit.

The type of vacation broadly known as "adventure travel" offers opportunities for both types of encounters, as well as a different way to experience a new locale. New friendships spring up naturally as you find your way together along a rural road. Local people respond differently when you arrive on a bike, rather than a bus.

Lesbian Adventure travel is a relatively new concept. Explorers have been climbing the Himalayas and venturing into the wilderness for generations. Extreme sports have been around for centuries, albeit not televised on ESPN. But only within the last generation have there been sufficient numbers of people who want to bike or hike on their vacation, rather than baking on the beach, to rate the category of "adventure travel." And only in the past few years have such vacations been available specifically for lesbians.

Alyson Adventures, which sponsors this site, offers a wide range of active, outdoor vacations for lesbians, and their friends. Most of the trips are for mixed groups, but they offer some tours designated just for lesbians, and the number of such trips will increase with the demand. Please join us to enjoy the challenge of new outdoor activities, and the excitement of exploring other cultures and countries, in a comfortable, friendly, small-group atmosphere!


Where are we going? The Grand Canyon. A mile deep, up to eighteen miles wide. We raft the 280 miles in style, splashing past 2 billion years of rock. The Canyon is viewed from above by millions of visitors each year -- but very few ever get the opportunity to travel into its depths.

Our all women's; lesbian rafting trip carries us through hundreds of whitewater rapids. Our boats have a motor to keep us moving through the flat water so we can relax and enjoy the beauty above us. During the day, when we're not running the river, we'll explore the hidden slot canyons around us Shower under amazing waterfalls and bathe in secluded swimming holes.



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